Mission and Vision


  • Forensic Teaching Environment
  • Curiosity-driven, fundamental Research and Publications
  • Applied Research and Development on behalf of Industrial and Governmental Entities
  • Forensic Casework, Expert Witnesses, and Advisory Services in Cooperation with Partners
  • Networking and Community-building Activities, e.g., Workshops, Tutorials, Competitions,…


  • Study and development of advanced computational methods to
    • Assist in basic and applied forensic research, e.g. to establish or prove the scientific basis of a particular forensic investigative procedure,
    • Support the forensic examiner in their daily casework.
  • Modern crime investigation, prosecution and prevention shall profit from the joint intelligence of humans and machines.

The project explores three hypotheses:

• H1-Analysing large diverse data sources,

• H2-Techniques for new investigative settings,

• H3-Novel infrastructures & legal frameworks.