Ars Forensica

Computational Forensics for Large-scale Fraud Detection,
Crime Investigation & Prevention

The overall objective of Ars Forensica is to provide new knowledge that can significantly improve the prevention, preparedness, investigation and prosecution of incidents in ICT environments, without compromising privacy and the rule of law. Ars Forensica addresses topics related to the IKTPLUSS – programme:

  1. Robust and secure (ICT) infrastructures and systems;
  2. Privacy-preserving technologies, and
  3. Interaction between technology, individuals and communities.

Speci fically, this project focuses on proactive and reactive digital investigations in the Norwegian fi nancial sector in order to prevent and combat fraud, economic crime, money laundering and terror fi nance. Fraud prevention and criminal investigations lead to exciting research challenges, i.e.

  1. Huge amount of electronic data needs to be analysed,
  2. Tiny pieces of evidence that are hidden in a chaotic environment,
  3. Diverse quality of traces and possibility of obfuscating / planting,
  4. Dynamic environments and permanently changing situations / contexts,
  5. Partial knowledge, required approximation, as well as
  6. Decision making under uncertainties and conjectures.

The Ars Forensica project is the first of its kind to bring together a group of leading Norwegian and international researchers from a range of disciplines, and a substantial number of industry & government organisations, to address these challenges. The research takes a multidisciplinary approach with perspectives from the computing, forensic and social sciences. The core-research group comprises scientists from the Norwegian Computing Centre, the Norwegian Information Security laboratory, and the Norwegian Police University College. In addition, the project includes outstanding scientists from the University California Santa Cruz, the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. User partners from public sector include the Norwegian National Police Directorate, Kripos, Økokrim, Police District, and the Netherlands Forensics Institute. Security-service providers for the Norwegian fi nancial sector, i.e. FinansCERT and mnemonic AS, are also participating. The project fosters CCIS – Centre for Cyber and Information Security, i.e. Ars Forensica will consolidate the Testimon Forensics group on Cybercrime and Digital Investigations.