Previous projects (selection)

  • “Testploit – Information Security Test Center & Software Security Benchmarking”, 2008-2009, Promon AS, Security Valley, PI Professor Katrin Franke, Assoc. Professor Erik Hjelmas,  Aleksander F. Mallasvik, Roy Daniel H. Rosenlund, Anders Orsten Flaglien, and Knut Egeberg Evensen.
  • CompFor, Professor Katrin Franke
  • “Digital Forensics in the Era of Cloud Computing: Intelligent Investigation Methods for Utility Computing and the World Wide Computer”, 2011-2013, RFFINL, Principal Investigator (PI) Professor Katrin Franke, co-PI Associate Professor Andre Årnes, co-PI Professor Slobodan Petrovic.
  • “SuPLight – Sustainable and efficient Production of Light weight solutions – WP3: Simulation-based optimization of lightweight solutions”, 2011-2013, European Commission: FP7-NMP-2010-SMALL-4, NMP-2010-3.1-1, WP-Lead Professor Katrin Franke.
  • “Digital Forensic Ontology”, 2010, ACRIS Gmbh, Armaswiss, Principal Investigator (PI) Professor Katrin Franke, Jarle Kittelsen
  • Signature verification competition for off- and online skilled forgery data“, Netherlands Forensics Institute, 2009.
  • “Reliable Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection Systems: Machine Learning for Information Security and Digital Forensics”, Hai Thanh Nguyen, PhD, 2012
  • “Document-Zone classification in Torn Documents”, Sukalpa Chanda, PhD, 2011